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Revolutionizing Lithium Extraction from Unconventional Brines

Cutting-edge DLE Solution for North AmericanOil & Gas Sector and Beyond

Unlocking Unconventional
Lithium Resources


CANDLE Lithium offers cutting-edge Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology services. We specialize in extracting lithium from lithium-bearing water streams, and can adapt our DLE technology to different assets - ideal for companies in various industries, including the Oil & Gas and mining sectors.

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Driving Global Lithium Extraction Innovation from Edmonton, Alberta

CANDLE Lithium, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a Canadian startup developing a process for sustainable lithium extraction. we aim to commercially extract lithium from unconventional resources, meeting the domestic demand in North America. With a vision to become the foremost provider of environmentally friendly lithium extraction from unconventional brines, CANDLE Lithium is driving the transition towards a greener and more self-sufficient future.

Sustainable Lithium Extraction

Meeting North American Demand

Green and Self-Sufficient Future


Collaborating for Sustainable Lithium Extraction

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Transforming the Global Lithium Production Landscape

Harnessing the value of untapped unconventional brines for sustainable lithium extraction

Environmental Advantages

Our approach minimizes ecological footprint by reducing traditional mining and unlocking untapped lithium from oilfield brines for a greener future.

Our Approach

Our advanced Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology efficiently extracts lithium from oilfield brines, a sustainable byproduct of oil and gas production.

Our Partners

We partner with water-rich industries (Oil & Gas, Lithium Brine, wastewater) to convert oilfield brines into valuable lithium resources using existing infrastructure.

Current Lithium Sources

Traditional mining operations for lithium have major environmental impacts due to extensive mining activities, water consumption, and carbon emissions.

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